International Trophy 2019 “Memorial Fabio Barbieri”

Adjuntamos información en relación al Trofeo «Memorial Fabio Barbieri» de Patinaje Artísitoc que tendrá lugar los días 27 y 28 de abril de 2019 en Italia.

Los Clubs que deseen inscribir a sus patinadores, deberán contactar previamente con el Comité Nacional de Patinaje Artístico.

Date of the event: 27/28 April 2019

Place: Centro Sportivo Pederzini, Via G.Garibaldi 8 – Calderara di Reno (Bo) – Italy

Rink: 25×50 parquet, wood

Logistic Information: Official Hotel – Hotel Meeting, just close (30 mt.) to the rink. Via G.Garibaldi 4, Calderara di Reno (Bo) – tel. +39 051 7209729 – meeting.bo@bestwestern.it

Information – Organization
Mr Augusto Fava – +39 333 2939784

Inscriptions have to be send not later 1 April to FISR Artistic Committee: artistico@fisr.it

Each representative shall be composed by a maximum of three (3) teams. Each nation can enter more than one representative. The list of the representative shall be sent together with the entry form.

The event is open to teams belonging to the following classes:

Esordienti / Minis age: boy 10 -11 years old
Allievi / Epoirs age: “ 12-13 “
Cadetti / Cadet age: “ 14-15 “
Jeunesse / Youth age: “ 16 “
Juniores / Junior age: “ 17-18 “
Seniores / Senior age: “ 19 and older

/ Promotional Cadet age like cadets
/ Promotional Youth age like Youth
/ Promotional Junior age like Junior
/ Promotional Senior age like Senior

The performance shall only have its free programme, with the following time limits:
Minis 2,30 min
Espoir 3,00 min
Cadets 3,30 min
Youth 3,30 min
Junior 4,00 min
Senior 4,30 min
Promotional Cadets 3,00 min
Promotional Youth 3,00 to 3,30 min
Promotional Junior 3,30 to 4,00 min
Promotional Senior 4,00 to 4,30 min.
The tolerance admitted will be 10 seconds (+ or -)

Judged System

Minis, Espoir and Promotionals: White System
Cadet, Youth, Junior and Senior: Rollart System.

Technical Rules

Minis, Espoir and Promotionals: FISR 2019 Rules
Cadet, Youth, Junior and Senior: World Skate 2019 Rules


All classes will be awarded of the following no. of points:

Last team’s score will be 1 point, the team right before 2 points… the winning team will be awarded as many points as the number of teams participating. To this ranking will be apply the following coefficients: Minis 1, Espoir 1, Cadets 1, Jeunesse 2, Junior & Senior 3, Promotional 1.

Coppa Giovanile (Youth prize):

A special prize will be awarded, just as for the others, to the following classes: Minis, Espoirs & Cadets

The TROFEO INTERNAZIONALE FABIO BARBIERI is a memorial “Challenge”cup, assigned to the club or national representative reaching the higher score, with duty of given it back the next year.

In case of tie, additional points shall be given as following: 3 points for every first place, 2 points for second places, 1 point for third places.

In case of further tie, the winner will be representative with the biggest number of medals.

All that is non mentioned in this regulation, will follow the World Skate EUROPE and World Skate Technical regulation 2019.

Changes or substitutions shall be admitted just in case of illness or accident, upon show of medical certificate. Substitution with teams already registered are not allowed.


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